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Molded Parts

Our wide array of rubber Molded Parts are used as essential components of home appliances, HVAC systems, equipments used in power plants, valves and sealing components to name a few. Generally neoprene, nitrile, butyle, EPDM or SBR rubber are used for the fabrication of these parts. Advanced transfer molding, injection molding and compression molding methodologies have been followed for their production. Parts made of butyle rubber are preferred for wiring and electrical application purpose for their unique insulation capacity. Moldings made of EPDM are excellent choice for producing tubes, vehicle window and hoses for their water resistance properties and insulation capacity.


  • The offered Molded Parts are completely protected against harsh weather, heat and steam
  • Good abrasion resistance capacity
  • Long working life
  • Easy to install, these parts are available in different specifications